Assoc. Prof. Jiri Stetina, MSc, PhD

Working group: Dairy and Microbiology

Pedagogical activity:

  • Physical Properties of Food I – for Bc degree
  • Physical Properties of Food II – for MSc degree
  • Food and Biochemical Process Engineering
    (parts Centrifugation and Homogenzation) – for MSc degree
  • Technology of Dairy Products – for MSc degree and PhD degree
  • Laboratory Technological Project- for MSc degree
  • Supervising Bc projects and MSc diploma projects
  • Supervising PhD projects

Scientific activity:

  • Rheological properties and texture of Dairy products.
  • Colloid stability and functional properties of liquid dairy materials
  • Functional properties of milk protein and their interaction with hydrocolloids


  • 1980 – 1984 ICT Prague, specialisation Dairy and Fat Technology
  • 1984 – 1988 PhD in Chemistry and Technology of Food at the ICT, Prague
  • 2009 Associate Professor, Food Technology

Employment experiences:

  • 1988-2009 Assistant Professor at the Dept. of Dairy and Fat Technology, ICT, Prague
  • 2009-present Associate Professor at the Dept. of Dairy and Fat Technology, ICT, Prague

Other activities:

  • Member of organization commiittee for National Cheese Competition and conference Milk and Cheeses

Selected scientific papers since 2005:

  • Kyselka J.,  Kreps F., Skalka V., Matlova V., Pustelnikova L., Kolacek J., Stetina J, Schmidt S., Filip V.: About  the  origin  of  asclepic  acid  derived  from  crude  homo-  and  heterolipids  during successive solvent extraction of rapeseeds. Eur. Food Res. Technol., 240, 477-487 (2015).
  • Kyselka J., Kreps F., Matlova V., Pustelnikova L., Ulbrich P., Stetina J., Schmidt S., Filip V.: The effect of rapeseed microstructure on the mechanism of solution and diffusion extraction, Eur. Food Res. Technol. 240, 853-863 (2015). (IF 2013: 1,387)
  • Kováčová R., Štětina J., Čurda L.: Influence of processing and kappa-carrageenan on properties of whipping cream. Journal of Food Engineering 99, 471–478 (2010).
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