Prof. Pavel Jelen, PhD, P. Eng.


  • Lectures – ICT Prague: Introduction to the World of Food
  • Lectures – University of Alberta
    • Introduction to Food Science and Technology
    • Unit Operations in Food Preservation
    • Dairy Science and Technology
    • Participation in other courses (dairy section)
      • Fundamentals of Food Quality
      • Brewing, Enology and Fermented Foods
  • Supervision of Graduate Students
    (1973-2006, approx. 50 students, M.Sc., Ph.D., University of Alberta)
  • Summer University teaching – International College of Hospitality Administration (ICHA), Brig, Switzerland (1992, 1993).
  • Coaching of student teams (University of Alberta) for competition
    in the Collegiate Dairy Judging Contests (25 years)


  • Utilization of Chese Whey – whey cheeses, whey drinks
  • Whey Proteins – fractionation, technological and physiological properties, uses
  • Laktose – crystallization, hydrolysis
  • Membrane processes
  • Technology and dairy uses of „enzyme cocktails“ from mechanically disrupted microbial cells

Education and experience:

  • 1961 – 1965 CVUT, Faculty of Mechanical engineering (P. Eng.)
  • 1969 – 1972 Postgraduate studies (Ph.D.)
    University of Minnesota, USA
  • 1973 – Postdoctoral fellowship – University of Illinois, USA
  • Sabbatical sojourns (6 months each unless indicated oterwise):
    Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand (1978);
    College of Dairying, Hokkaido, Japan (2 months, 1983);
    Canadian Federal Food Research Institute, St. Hyacinthe, Quebec, (1990);
    Nestle Research Centre, Lausanne, Switzerland (1991);
    Australian Federal Research Institute CSIRO, Dairy Laboratory, Melbourne, Australia (1994);
    Fonterra Research Centre, Palmerston North, New Zealand (2001);
    Federal Dairy Research Institute, Bern, Switzerland (2002)
  • Short term research and study sojourns:
    Federal Dairy Research Institute, Kiel, Germany (several summers – in each case 2-months stays).
  • Industrial consulting activities:
    2-months quality assurance project for National Cooperative Dairies, Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa;
  • University program development activities: 1-month dairy program development project at Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal

Membership in professional organizations and other professional activities:

  • Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), USA (since 1974 to date)
  • Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology (CIFST; 1974-2006)
  • International Dairy Federation (IDF); Canadian representative in several commissions and expert groups (since 1980 to date)
  • Editor, Journal of CIFST (1985-1991)
  • Founding Editor, presently Editor-in-Chief, International Dairy Journal (since 1991 to date)
  • Member of Canadian National Committee of IAESTE (international student exchanges)

Publications – selected books and book chapters::

    • P. Jelen, 1985. Introduction to Food Processing. Reston Publishing Co., Inc./ Prentice Hall, Virgninia, USA.
    • P. Jelen, 1988. Food Technology. „Ullman’s Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry“, Weinheim, Germany. Vol. A 11, 523-560.
    • P. Jelen. 1992. Whey Cheeses and Beverages. Chapter 5, in „Whey and Lactose Processing“ (J.G. Zadow, Ed.). Elsevier Science Publishers, Barking, UK, 157-193
    • P. Jelen, 2003. Whey Processing – Utilization and Products. „Encyclopedia of Dairy Sciences“ (H. Roginski, J.W. Fuquay, P. F. Fox, editors). Academic Press, London, UK. 2739-2745.
    • P. Jelen, 2009. Whey-based functional beverages. Chapter 10, in „Functional and speciality beverage technology“. (P. Paquin, Ed.). Woodhead Publishing Ltd., Cambridge, UK, 512 pp.

 In total about 250 sceintific papers, technical reviews and book chapters.