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Defended theses


Name Disertation Thesis
Veronka Brychová
(Mátlová) (2017)
Analysis of organic compounds from younger prehistory findings and their interpretation.
Klára Cihelková (2017) Changes of Triglycerides by high temperatures.
Michaela Kosová (2015) Antistaphylococcal activity of lactic acid bacteria.
Jan Kyselka (2015) Sterol oxidation in fat and fat dispersions. 
Tereza Morávková
(Vykutilová) (2015)
Rheological and sensorial properties of multiphase dispersed systems
Lenka Diblíková (2015) Fractionation of major whey proteins
Renáta Kováčová (2015) Functional properties of whey proteins
Klára Pocedičová
(Hellerová) (2015)
Enzymatic Preparation of Galactooligosaccharides
Iva Červenková
(Složilová) (2014)
Antilisterial activity of lactic acid bacteria
Roman Merkl (2012) Functional properties of polyphenols
Jana Svátková
Presence of lactic acid bacteria in delicatessen production
Tereza Karlová (2012) Microbial aktive glukolipids
Veronika Spěváčková (2012) Lipid oxidation in dispersive systems
Daniel Mišún (2012) Influence of technological parametres on the separation of whey components
Iva Jebavá
(Ondráčková) (2011)
Autolytic system of Lactobacillus helveticus
Irena Němečková (2011) Control of undesirable proteolytic microflora during the milk processing
Draha Kozáková (2010) The usage of lactococci autolysis for semi-hard cheese ripening
Lenka Poláková (2010) Surfactants based on vegetable oils
Petr Miller (2010) Suppression of lactic acid bacteria incidence in both mayonnaise-based products and raw material for their production
Marie Vokacova (2009) Surfactant systems of detergents on the base of renewable sources
Adriena Dryáková (2009) Enzymatic hydrolysates of whey proteins
Katerina Kucerova (2008) Protective cultures in delicatessen products
Marketa Zarubova (2008) Crystallization of triglycerides in fatty bases
Jana Trckova (2008) Rheological properties of hydrocolloid gels with milk proteins
Jitka Holubova (2007) Application of impedance method in following of antimicrobial compounds effect on microbial growth
Jana Hrdlickova (2007) Enzymic modifications of lactose
Stepan Tuma (2007) Lactobacilli in Dutch-type cheeses of Edam type
Eva Kolouchova
(Bartosova) (2006)
Synthesis and properties of microbially active lipids
Jiri Lad (2006) The triacylglyceride based non-ionic tenzides
Iveta Pokorna (2006) Oxidation stability of lipids in emulsions
Marketa Giesova (2006) Antifungal properties of Lactobacilli, their identification and applications
Tomas Kutek (2005) Structural triglycerides and their functional properties
Ivana Tovarova (2005) Isolation and characteristic of caseinomacropeptide and other whey proteins
Ivo Piska (2004) Rheological properties of processed cheese
Radka Cervenkova (2004) Antimicrobial properties of carboxylic acids derivatives
Do Tuyet Mai (2003) Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis LTM 32, a new bacteriocin producing strain isolated from Vietnamese fermented milk
Olga Kukackova (2001) The Application of NIR Spectroscopy in Milk  and Dairy Products Analysis
Lucie Nemcova (2001) The Biochemical and Physical Changes During the Cheese Ripening
Zdenka Rihakova (2000) The Antimicrobial Effect of Lauric Acid Esters with Polyols
Martin Stepanek (2000) The Structured Triacylglycerides and Their Properties in Fatty Bases
Eva Svirakova (1999) The Production and Application of Nisin in Dairy Industry
Jitka Stiles (1999) The Antifungal Activity of Lactobacilli
Jana Chumchalova (1997) The Antimicrobial Activity of Lactobacilli
Marie Kleinova (1996) The Enzyme Catalyzation of Fat Reactions