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Current PhD theses

Theme (Student, supervisor)

  • Stabilization and modification of food additives and nutraceuticals by catalytic hydrogenation (Honzíková, Filip)
  • Characteristics and functional properties of sourdough with lactobacilli (Koval, Plocková)
  • The effect of the modification of milk protein by microbial transglutaminase on the functional properties of milk. (Marhons, Štětina)
  • Fractionation of prebiotic galactooligosaccharides and their application properties (Zherepa, Čurda)
  • Synthesis and application of structured triacylglycerols (Alishevich, Filip)
  • Processing contaminants by vegetable oils treatment (Mikolášková, Filip)
  • Functional properties of synbiotics (Veselá, roz. Bialasová, Plocková)
  • Lactobacilli and their role in the prevention and treatment of urovaginal tract infections (Kumherová, Šmidrkal)
  • Preparation and isolation of galactooligosaccharides (Botvynko, Čurda)
  • Isolation of biologically active compounds from oilseeds (Dragoun, Šmidrkal)
  • Microbistatic and antioxidant effect of phenolic acid derivatives (Feldeková, born Némethová, Šmidrkal)
  • Integrated membrane separations in milk and whey processing with a focus on electrodialysis. (Shakhno, Čurda)
  • Application of flax seed fiber in dairy products (Troshchynska, Štětina)
  • Correlation between microbiological efficiency and dermal irritation of preservatives in cosmetic emulsions. (Průšová, Šmidrkal)
  • Selective enumeration of lactic acid bacteria in mixed cultures. (Kůstková, Plocková)
  • Stability of long-life dairy products. (Chramostová, born Hanušová, Čurda)
  • Biological potential of colostrum. (Hyršlová, born Lisová, Čurda)
  • Influence of whey proteins on texture of dairy products (Potůčková, born Mihulová, Štětina)
  • Structured triglycerides for fat blends. (Tesařová, Filip)