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Research Specialization

Academic staff is engaged in the basic, applied and contract research concerning the following subjects:

Properties of milk as  raw material for dairy industry. Basic technological processes in the dairy industry and their use in production of milk based foods. (Curda, Stetina)

  • Technology of milk and milk products:
    • pasteurised and long life milk products
    • fermented milk products
    • quarks and dairy desserts,
    • cheeses and processed cheeses
    • whey processing
  • Instrumental analytical methods in the dairy industry.
  • Membrane and chromatographic processes in the dairy industry. Isolation of biologically active components of milk.

Microbiology of food and cosmetic products with respect to dairy technology (Plocková, Horáčková, Solichová, Kosová) 

  • Functional properties of lactic acid bacteria
  • Protective and probiotic characteristics of lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria
  • Application of probiotics and prebiotics to food products
  • Stability of probiotic microorganisms in food and non-food matrix, encapsulation
  • Selective determination of lactic acid bacteria by cultivation and molecular biology methods (PCR, qPCR)
  • Control of undesirable microorganisms in food
  • Application of methods leading to increased microbial quality and self-life of products

Basic processes for recovery and refining of oils and fats. Improvement of technology for fat foods and technical fats. (Filip)

  • Recovery and refining of oils and fats.
  • Technology and properties of plastic fats.
  • Technology and properties of emulsified fats.

Physico-chemical properties of surfactants and their use in technology of detergents, industrial and household chemistry. (Smidrkal, Hrádková)

  • Technology and properties of surfactants, detergents and cosmetic products.
  • Influence of activators on the physico-chemical properties of detergents.

Study of physico-chemical properties of cosmetic raw materials and their use in cosmetic products. (Smidrkal, Hradkova, Bercikova)

  • Influence of cosmetic ingredients on cosmetic product stability and skin parameters
  • Antioxidant and antimicrobial effects of phenolic acid derivatives

Rheological properties of dairy, fat and cosmetic products (Stetina, Filip, Bercikova)